REACH, the European Chemicals Agency updates the list of hazardous substances

The list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) included in the Candidate List has been updated, a list that in the context of the REACH regulation of the European Union lists the substances used in industrial processes and consumer goods considered dangerous to human health. The new list includes 219 substances, among those included … Read more

Suspension of additional duties on certain products of US origin

After the agreement reached by the EU and the US on the collaboration framework for civil aircraft, the European Commission suspended for five years the application of additional duties on certain products of US origin introduced by Reg. 1646/2020 following the dispute Airbus – Boeing. We remind you that the Taric Codes of products subject … Read more

Turkey anti-dumping duty

We inform you that on 05/07/2021 the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/1100 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, establishing a definitive anti-dumping duty and definitively collecting the provisional duty established on imports of certain hot-rolled flat products, iron, non-alloy steel or other alloy steel originating in Turkey. The products subject to … Read more


With Circular number 24/2021 of 06/28/2021, the Customs Agency announces that the Technical Services of the European Commission have established an extension of the transitional period by moving between the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter 2022 electronic submission of registration requests to the REX database. In the current … Read more

Reg UE 821/2021 establishing a New Dual Use Regulation

The EU REG 821/2021 was published on 11/06/2021 in the Official Journal of the European Union, which establishes a Union regime for export control, intermediation, technical assistance, transit and transfer of dual-use products. which will come into force on 09/09/2021. The innovations introduced by the new regulation are the following: • The control is also … Read more

New EU sanctions against Belarus

The European Union has introduced new restrictive measures against the Belarusian regime to respond to the escalation of serious human rights in the country and the violent repression of civil society, the democratic opposition and journalists, as well as the forced landing of a flight Ryanair in Minsk on May 23, 2021 and related to … Read more

New dual use regulation

The text of the new Regulation on export control, brokerage, technical assistance, transit and transfer of dual use goods was approved by the Council of the European Union. By dual-use products we mean those tangible and intangible assets (software or technologies) that can be used for both civil and military uses. The Regulations will enter … Read more