AEO service

CAD Eurocad spa is pleased to announce a new service on certification AEO. Thanks to an exclusive partnership that links us to a professional security company, we are now able to do preventive checks, in the whole country, with companies who plan to approach the AEO certification, both for the AEO-S , that covers the security, both the AEO Full which also includes the part customs. We can carry out preventive checks on business processes, structures, all of the steps required to bring the company in advance so companies can approach the request at the customs office in the ideal conditions to obtain rapid certification.

It is a service that we have exclusive and unique on the whole country because it allows the company beforehand to adapt its structure and procedures, and customs office to work quickly in order to expedite the certification process. Fabio Poli has been dealing with security for the past 15 years. He’s  security manager certified in accordance with UNI 10459. He works on behalf of Eurocad of the preliminary analysis of the state of the security company for the release of the AEO certification. The analysis covers both aspects of documentary, and the procedures for the production, logistics and transport of goods, and the assessment on the adequacy of the safety systems, both payable. Fabio also deals with the assessment of the safety logic, both with respect to the transit of persons, both with respect to the information flow. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at or via the contact section.