Customs field

CAD EUROCAD SPA HAS TAKEN CARE OF BUSINESS OF CLEARANCE AND BUSINESS SERVICES in the field of international trade for many years and can offer its customers the experience and expertise of several different customs agents – Customs Brokers – accredited to act and enrolled at ‘professional register. The activity ‘is carried out by providing our customers declarative computerized procedures performed faster and with priority over ordinary procedures thanks to the AEO Certification-FULL obtained by our company among the first in Italy since 2008 (the first in our region Emilia Romagna ).

These benefits enable savings in terms of less then stops of goods and therefore lower costs for our customers. The activity covers all customs procedures laid down in the Community Customs Code and then by way of illustration: the definitive exports, temporary exports and outward processing, the final importation, the temporary import and release for free circulation, the temporary improvement in imports active with particular specialization the textile and clothing sector in which EUROCAD SPA BOASTS esprienza UP SINCE 1988, permits for private bonded warehouses and customs management in and out of all the goods they intended, ATA Carnet, TIR Carnet, Consignement stock in EU countries and third countries, management procedures domiciled clients, both Intrastat Goods Services, organizing training courses directly from businesses. Cad EUROCAD SPA HAS ALSO WORKED PUBLICATION OF TEXT “VAT FOREIGN AND CUSTOMS” Published by the publisher Giuffre ‘- 2014 Edition. and that ‘available to our customers at a reduced price.