Training and Consulting

Cad Eurocad spa believes strongly in training and assistance to its customers in an industry – that of customs matters – of particular complexity ‘and ever evolving. Eurocad spa has the most modern tools to access sources of information more ‘qualified sector in the various fields of activity’ and daily checks and acquires regulations and or updates in customs matters.

The advice provided, either in the form of subscription free on request, is delivered by experienced customs agents in adequate time to the speed of traffic and the needs expressed by our customers. The subjects covered range from the customs classification of the products at the request of ITV -Information Tariff Bound – the study and determination of origin – both commercial Preferential – of goods exported or imported through the examination of all production processes and the statements in the possession of companies. Request I.V.O. – Tariff Information regarding the origin. Furthermore we are able to provide advice about:

• Check conditions issuing Certificates of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce and the source Prefernziale – EUR.1. – REQUIRED AT TIME OF CUSTOMS Export. Legislation applicable to the “Made in …”

• Check Customs duties due to the importation into the EU and verification of duties due in the countries of destination of the goods exported.

• Checks specific regulations in force in third countries of destination of the goods.

• Dual-Use Checks regulations on goods exported and checks inherent countries subjected to specific controls for reasons of International Security (Iran and others)

• Audits and controls of products covered by the Washington Convention, the regulations laid down by the export of cultural heritage or other specific products subject to special controls.

• Statement of Relative Value in the Customs Value of assessment for duty and VAT, specific studies regarding Royalties.

CAD EUROCAD SPA is then available to companies who wish to obtain the AEO Certification (Authorized Economic Operator) . A SPECIFIC and targeted activities of pre-audit in customs matters and in matters of security. In the field of “Security” CAD EUROCAD SPA thanks to a unique collaboration with a Professional Corporate Security Certificate UNI 10459 CAN ‘ALSO CHECK IN ADVANCE in your company all areas that will be subject to the control of the customs office in the area of ​​security.

The site inspection – that takes a few hours – allow ‘to obtain a written report that will highlight all the situations and possible implementations conform necessary in order to attain the status of AEO – Security soon to be’ essential for all companies that cater to markets esters with their products. This Chek-up budget will be certified AEO very quickly and the customs offices to verify a company conscious and advance adeguatasi with the procedures required.

CAD EUROCAD SPA PROVIDES A Qualified Legal specializes in matters of litigation and customs can ‘then assist companies even in the case of legal problems of this kind, or in the case of sanctions and or fines imposed by the customs offices. Finally we have an office in Brussels correspondent for any need ‘expressed by customers who must be brought to the attention of officials at the Customs area at the European Commission. (TAXUD) Training courses are organized on specific request of our clients on issues of particular importance and or complex as that of the origin, the INCOTERMS 2010 or on particular issues required by the companies.

CAD EUROCAD SPA PARTNERS WITH DIFFERENT training institutions for courses Annual refresher Matter customs. To our customers who sign an annual subscription to counseling is done Tribute Publishing “VAT FOREIGN AND CUSTOMS” Published by Note Publishing House “Giuffre ” to be drafted helped our staff.